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The New Face of Computer Science Education - The Scratch Generation

9010 Sample Programs, Set 1
058 Threads of Control

060 Input and Output Streams 
061 Stream Tokenizer 
073 The AWT and Swing, A Preview 
074 Linked-Lists, Stacks, and Queues 
075 Ordered Linked-Lists 
076 Vectors, Hashtables, and Enumerations

077 Callbacks - I 
078 Callbacks - II 
079 Callbacks - III 

080 Event Handling in JDK 1.1, A First Look, Delegation Event Model 
081 Swing and the Delegation Event Model 
082 Sharing a Listener Object Among Visual Components 
084 Low-level and Semantic Events 
085 Swing, New Event Types in Swing 
086 Requesting the Focus
088 Building a Custom Focus-Traversal Method
1840 Focus Traversal Policies in Java Version 1.4
1844 Focusability in Java Version 1.4
1848 Changing Focus Traversal Keys in Java V1.4
1852 Programmatic Focus Traversal in Java V1.4
087 Swing, Understanding getContentPane() and other JFrame Layers   
090 Scrollbar (Adjustment) Event Handling 
092Mouse Motion Events 

1632 The Essence of OOP using Java, Static Initializer Blocks
1634 The Essence of OOP using Java, Instance Initializers
1636 The Essence of OOP using Java, Member Classes
1638 The Essence of OOP using Java, Local Classes
1640 The Essence of OOP using Java, Anonymous Classes
1642 The Essence of OOP using Java, Nested Top-Level Classes

094 Using Abbreviated Inner Classes 
095 Container Events and More on Inner Classes 
096 Program-Generated Events and the AWTEventMulticaster Class 
097 Component Events 
098 Lightweight Components - See lesson 176 in the Advanced section for more complete coverage. 
099 Item Events 
100 Creating, Trapping, and Processing Custom Event Types 
101 Paint Events 
102 Handling Events in Extended Components without Listener Objects 
103 Introduction to the Toolkit Class, Peers, and Lightweight Components 
104 Posting Synthetic Events to the System Event Queue 
105 Text Events 
106 Component Impersonation 
107 Understanding Action Objects in Java

108 Printing with AWT and Swing 
110 The AWT Package, An Overview 
111 The Swing Package, A Preview of Pluggable Look and Feel 
112 Placing Components in Containers, Absolute Coordinates 
114 BorderLayout 
116 FlowLayout 
118 GridLayout 
120 CardLayout

1780 Understanding the Buffer class in Java
1782 The ByteBuffer Class in Java
1784 Processing Stack Trace Data in Java
1786 FileChannel Objects in Java, Background Information
1788 FileChannel Objects in Java, ByteBuffer Type
1790FileChannel Objects in Java, Using View Objects for Different Types
1792FileChannel Objects in Java, Records with Mixed Types

Multimedia Programming with Java
340Getting Started
342Getting Started with the Turtle Class
344Continuing with the SimpleTurtle Class
346Wrapping Up the SimpleTurtle Class
348 The Pen and PathSegment Classes
349 A Pixel Editor Program in Java
350 3D Displays, Color Distance, and Edge Detection
351 A Slider-Controlled Softening Program for Digital Photos
352 Adding Animated Movement to Your Java Application
353 A Slider-Controlled Sharpening Program for Digital Photos
354 The DigitalPicture Interface
355 The HSB Color Model
356 The show Method and the PictureFrame Class
357 An HSB Color-Editing Program for Digital Photos
358 Applying Affine Transforms to Picture Objects
359 Creating a lasso for editing digital photos in Java
360 Wrapping Up the SimplePicture Class
361 A Temperature and Tint Editing Program for Digital Photos
362 Getting Started with the PictureExplorer Class
363 Redeye Correction in Digital Photographs
364 Building the Information Panel for the PictureExplorer GUI
365 Using Flood-Fill in Java Programs
366 Displaying an Image in a PictureExplorer Object
2700 Changing the Default Background Image for a World Object

Obsolete Material
062 Event Handling in JDK 1.0.2, The Event Class 
064 Event Handling in JDK 1.0.2, The handleEvent() Method 
066 Event Handling in JDK 1.0.2, Overriding Convenience Event Handlers 
068 Event Handling in JDK 1.0.2, Program-Generated Events 
070 Event Handling in JDK 1.0.2, The Event-Handling Hierarchy and the postEvent() Method 
072 Event Handling in JDK 1.0.2, Smart Components

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