Richard G Baldwin Programming Tutorials

If you find the links to any of my tutorials broken, you might try either:

  1. Going to Google or Bing and searching the web for pages having the same title, or

  2. Going to More articles by Richard G. Baldwin at and searching that page for the tutorial by title.

One of those two options is almost certain to lead you to a copy of the tutorial.

If you are looking for the drawing program for the blind that you may have heard about, it is posted at: and is available for immediate download. - 09/23/11

This web site contains more than 600 programming tutorial lessons that I have published on ActionScript, Flex, Alice, Java, JavaScript, Python, XML, C#, Digital Signal Processing, and Wireless Technology.

These tutorial lessons are freely available for online viewing.

If would like to mirror the content on this website, you have my permission to do so.  If you do, I would appreciate knowing about it.  Just send an email to  Include the word Java in the subject line in an attempt to get your message past my very aggressive spam blocker.

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