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Earn College Credit while Learning Alice, OOP, Java, and XML

Learn to Program using Alice

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The New Face of Computer Science Education - The Scratch Generation

This series of tutorial lessons is designed to teach aspiring programmers who have no programming experience how to program using the Alice programming environment.

  • Slide index for classroom lecture use
  • Practice tests
  • 100 Getting Started
  • 105 Setting the Stage
  • 110 Objects in 3D Space
  • 115 Setting the Stage Manually, Part 1
  • 120 Setting the Stage Manually, Part 2
  • 125 Your First Alice Program
  • 130 The Program Development Cycle
  • 135 Functions that Return Values
  • 140 Data Types and Variables
  • 145 World-Level Methods
  • 150 Class-Level Methods and Inheritance
  • 155 Syntax, Runtime, and Logic Errors
  • 160 Expressions and Operators
  • 165 Sequence, Selection, and Loop Structures
  • 170 Relational and Logical Operators
  • 175 Counter Loops, Nested Loops, and Sentinel Loops
  • 180 Arrays
  • 185 Lists
  • 190 Events and Interactive Programming
  • 195 The Transition to Java
  • 200 Understanding Lighting in Alice 2.0
  • 900 Appendix A, Behavior of Primitive Methods
  • 920 Appendix E, Restrictions and Limitations for Alice 2.0
  • 930 Appendix G, By Popular Demand, Interesting Projects

Richard G Baldwin 

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